Benefits Offered by Professional Mortgage Brokers in Vancouver BC

Selling a Listing that is a DATED Home

In real estate markets throughout Canada there are houses and condos that are for sale which need simple to more complex upgrades to showcase the home and increase the value far beyond the expenses to complete the renovation work! We provide tools such as, Feature Sheets, contacts to top quality renovation professionals and designers to showcase renovation numbers designer ideas and quotes at different price points to help your clients digest and visualize what can be accomplished by simply renovating a dated space.

**Often mortgage realtors in Vancouver double end listings since they are proactive in finding many unanswered questions and solutions for both the buyers and sellers!

Finding a DATED home for your Buyer(s)

The Problem: Many hours and tanks of fuel showing clients homes ranging in neighbourhoods, price, age of home etc. .Often as clients go through the buying process there wishes and desires change because they just can’t find that right balance of affordability and practicality.

The Solution: find a home that meets most of your clients wish list and plan to renovate to complete the wish list as soon as the client(s) takes possession. It is extremely rewarding for clients and yourself to see how they add there own personal touches to a newly required space! Ultimately clients keep living in there current home for an extra month or two while the renovation work in the new place is being done. This way there is no need to live through the dreaded dusty, dirty, loud renovation process.

Situations Perfect for Mortgage Financing in Vancouver

First Time Home Buyers: its tough to take that leap of faith from renting to owning. It is a stepping stone. While it just got easier for first timers since they can get into a place and add a bit of sweat equity which will help them when its time to qualify for the next property.

Upgrading into a House : With mortgage qualifications tougher to get into a house in many markets across Canada, one or two mortgage helpers are needed to qualify clients for a mortgage. Since clients are able to renovate their space plus the rental units they will get better tenants and will receive increased rental income to help pay down the new mortgage faster!

Second Homes: There are times when you find a client that second home but it also just doesn’t have the complete wish list. Well we can add those renovation expenses as well right into that mortgage.

Rental Properties: Great opportunity for savvy buyers to acquire property that will increase in value over time but in the interim renovate the suites to:

  1. Increase rental income.
  2. Get better tenants.
  3. Increase length of tenancy.

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