Home Buying

Are you a first time buyer, upgrading, downsizing or buying an investment property?
Are you self employed, lack or have inconsistent credit?
Let’s find out how much you can afford.


Are you interested in finding out the amount of new funds you can add to your existing mortgage
or additional funds you can add with either an Alternative or Private mortgage lender?
Let’s find out how much you can afford.

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Is your current lender truly offering you the best interest rate, terms and fine print available?
Lets Renew your mortgage with a lender that is better suited for reaching your financial goals.

Home Equity Loans

Are you looking to discover the best way to tap into your home equity? Lets talk!

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Private Lending

Flexible lending options outside of bank regulations. Often income, lack or inconsistent credit
play NO role in getting you the extra funds you are requesting.

Reverse Mortgage

There are two national lenders that offer a variety of reverse mortgage products. Let me help
you find out what lender and product best suits your needs.

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Strata Corporation Financing In Vancouver BC

This type of loan is perfect for both strata corporations and the individual owners. It brings financing stability to any project since each owner instantly qualifies.

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