Homebuyers Privileges – Canada Mortgage Home Financing

Mortgage Insurers offer savings and discounts to qualified clients on a number of products and services.

Renovation Grants

Get LiveSmart BC government grants for $7,000 for home energy renovations! Check out Home Performance.com for details.

Energy-Efficient Housing Program

Receive a rebate on your mortgage insurance premium and extended amortizations without surcharge. Available for the construction or purchase of an energy -efficient home or purchase or refinance of an existing home where energy-efficient improvements are being made.

There are many benefits, reduced energy use, minimize condensation problems, limit outdoor noise, indoor air quality and humidity levels.

 $300,000 mortgage @ 95% LTV with 25-year amortization
Premium Payable* Refund Energy-Efficient Premium Refund
Standard Premium $8,250 10% $825
Amortization Surcharge $600 Full $600
Total Premium $8,850 Total Refund $1,425