As a mortgage broker in BC we are able to offer existing homeowners or ones looking to get pre-approved to purchase property in every corner of the province competitive mortgage financing to an extremely wide variety of clients employment, retirement, alimony income etc. We can also qualify all types of property types, sizes and locations. Not all mortgage lenders lend out mortgage funds on an equal basis of qualifications. The typical brick and mortar financial institutions that you opened your bank account at an early age might not be the best suited for your current mortgage needs.

It can be disheartening if you go out and shop for a mortgage on your own to different banks and each time getting a negative feeling or are made to wait a long time for that no answer. You deserve better! Besides every time you shop a bank on your own they will typically pull a credit bureau during the application process. This sequence of events will bring down your credit score thus making it harder to qualify for that perfect mortgage that you are passionately seeking. My advice to you is, contact a mortgage broker that has access to many of the big banks plus some mortgage broker only mortgage lenders throughout BC that are hungry for your business! The mortgage broker will discuss your needs, will only pull one credit bureau and can negotiate for you on your behalf to make sure you get the best deal possible.

This process saves many hours of your time, but will have many good options to choose from thus being able to make an educated decision on what direction to take. There are always at least a couple of mortgage lenders that discount there interest rates similar to gas stations. It’s hard for the average consumer to know who the lenders are without obtaining the services of a mortgage broker. Best of all in most cases the service a mortgage broker provides is free! The mortgage broker gets paid a finder’s fee directly from the bank. I am sure you work hard for your money, don’t give it away by making the wrong mortgage choice!

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