Mortgage Refinancing in BC– Affordable Mortgage Rates in Vancouver, BC

Renovation-FinancingOwning your own home has many benefits one of the best is, as you keep paying those monthly or biweekly payments you build equity in your home. You can take advantage of that built up equity and mortgage refinancing in BC to do one of three things.

A Renovation

If you are in a neighbourhood you wish to continue to live in but would like to renovate your home to either compliment your lifestyle, or update first before considering to sell. We have years of experience in this area and get you approved with a specific renovation mortgage lender based on your own specific financial and renovation needs. All types of renovations can be done from a new kitchen(s), bathroom(s) and flooring basement suites, roofs etc. or for energy efficiency purposes such as double glazed windows, furnace, water systems, solar panels etc.

Just like for the Purchase Plus Improvement financing for regular renovation financing we incorporate our unique service of if requested help you locate the right contractor, designer, architect etc. to get the ideas from just a simple thought until the project is 100% complete! We have many licensed insured renovation professionals we do ongoing business with that can be matched up to any renovation project throughout British Columbia.

It’s often the best way to finance a renovation due in fact that your existing mortgage can usually be adjusted with very little expense to compensate for a renovation.

If necessary, we take the mortgage to a new lender either before or after the renovation project is complete.

Example: Client wished to stay living in a home but wanted to remodel the kitchen and add a basement suite.  Renovation Lending Refinanced the kitchen and basement suite upgrades into the mortgage which provided a better lifestyle for clients, while increasing property value and rental income!

Pay out debt

If you are looking for financing as a budget tool to lower your monthly payments or increase your net worth by investing, we work with you to put an effective plan together to make sure you reach your financial goals.

Lower Mortgage Interest Rates in BC

First take a look at your penalty to get out of your existing mortgage. Second see how much you’ll save in the short and long term for the best new mortgage.

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