Extra Values and Benefits

  • Reduces the challenges of finding the exact specifications in the home in the desired neighborhood you wish to live.
  • Limits safety concerns, noise, dust, congestion, security, privacy, damage to personal effects.
  • This financial service covers homes or condos being purchased to; live in, investment purposes, to flip, or a second home.

This way no need to go through like many before you, the joy of doing your dishes in the bathtub while your kitchen is being remodeled!

Example: Client had troubles finding a property with a chef style kitchen on the main level and two marketable self-contained rental suites in the basement. Renovation Lending added improvement expenses of the new kitchen and remodeling of both suites to the initial mortgage. Upon completion of the renovation the client took pride in their new kitchen, property value increased, demand to rent out the suites was realized, and substantial rental income was obtained!

We will gladly put together renovation mortgage numbers based on your required scenario.

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