Top Reasons Why Mortgage Refinancing is recommended

Repaying the home mortgage is everything but easy. The unstable economy, high interest rates or unexpected work failures are some of the common reasons that make home mortgage payment tough. In such cases refinancing could be an option. Let us find out why mortgage refinancing is a good option.

Access to Better Interest Rates

Your current mortgage may be at a higher rate due to a lower credit rating or a lack of assistance from a reliable Vancouver mortgage broker. If you have worked your way up to a better credit rating now might be the time to look at a better mortgage broker to help you into refinancing your property.

Refinancing can facilitate Bigger Purchases or Help Renovating Your Home

When you […]

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Sealing the Deal with the Right Mortgage Broker

When you need a mortgage broker, you will want to hire a professional who can offer you a lot of choice. The last thing you need is someone who reports back with limited options that corner you. Seal the deal with a broker who brings the following aspects to the table and you will be well on your way to arranging sound mortgage financing in Vancouver.

A Well Recommended Professional

The professionalism and efficacy of an acclaimed professional is matchless. So hiring an expert you have heard a lot about would be wise. You can also trust referrals from friends or colleagues to give you accurate insight into what to expect.

Planning and Attention to Detail

Not only do you need a […]

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Mortgage Interest Rates BC

Whether you are employed by a company or self employed your credit is such a huge part of making sure you will get the best mortgage interest rates BC on any mortgage!

It is an exciting feeling to get your first credit card, hand it to a store merchant and simply enter your pin and walk out with your merchandise. It can be very tempting to use your card up to the limit or even past the limit; however, this is the worst thing you can do. It may seem like free money but it is very far from that. Credit is like a continual test; the higher your score, the better chance you have at being approved for any loan […]

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The Importance of Researching Intricate Workings of the Mortgage Industry

Buying a home means dealing with realtors or builders, financial intermediaries and loan underwriters. At the same time you may need to talk to appraisal firms if you are selling your property or deal with credit providers to re-finance your house. In case you are getting a mortgage for the first time or are inexperienced in re-financing your home, you cannot afford to go ahead without doing a bit of research about the same. Here’s is why you need to acquaint yourself with the intricate workings of this industry.

In Order to Secure a Trustworthy Broker

Hiring a mortgage broker in Vancouver, BC who can get you the best rates and negotiate till the last minute is imperative. Such an individual […]

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Bank of Canada Interest Rates April 15, 2015

This will continue to be a busy spring housing market in Canada. The Bank of Canada is keeping interest rates down which is allowing the average home shopper more flexibility when looking at the affordability of a home purchase.  We are getting spoiled with 5 year fixed- term rates below 2.5% and variable rate mortgage below 2%! Ten years ago who would of thought this was even possible!

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How to Make Your First Time Homebuyer Experience a Memorable One

Being a first time homebuyer should be an enjoyable experience, but if you are not prepared it can become a very frustrating one. Here are six key areas during this exciting home buying process that need to be addressed;

1) Type of property to purchase and when.

Have you asked yourself; “Will purchasing a property now get me on the right path to obtain my real estate goals? Will this first purchase be a flip to obtain more capital? Do I want to live in the property and enjoy the lifestyle, then sell in a few years and use the profits towards my next purchase? Should I buy a place strictly as an investment and get someone else to pay the mortgage […]

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Mortgages for Business-For-Self – New Professionals

To become a successful self employed professional, it takes many years of dedication both mentally and financially to acquire the accreditation and to establish a business. Although rewarding, by the time you get to this point many others your age have been established in their respective careers for a few years and could be into their second home purchase already.


As the world becomes technologically advanced, the percentage of the work force in the Canada that is business-for-self grows every year. The benefits of not having a boss, control of your own hours/vacations and being able to decrease your income tax payable every year, seem to out weight the negatives.


Since the economic down turn is 2008, being self-employed has become much […]

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Two Free Vancouver Canucks Tickets with EVERY Mortgage!

Would you love to take your child or someone special to see a live Vancouver Canucks hockey game for FREE? Are you a Vancouver Canucks fan or is there a visiting team you cheer for? Are you thinking of purchasing a property anywhere in Canada this year?

Alternative Mortgage Financing is giving away two FREE Vancouver Canucks tickets with EVERY mortgage that clients register! This is NOT a contest where you hope to get your number picked. This is simply, “get a mortgage, go to a Vancouver Canucks game.”

The sooner you get the right mortgage at the best rates, the more games and seat locations you will have to pick from!  This free gift is easy to qualify for since it […]

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Quick Home Renovation Loan to the Rescue

A renovation on a home that is either your principal residence, an investment property or a second home, is one of the most rewarding experiences, and will bring your home its own unique personality. It is also an excellent way to boost the value of a home, if applicable acquire better tenants and should you sell, it will result in excellent marketability. Renovations can of course have their ups and downs throughout the process, which is why if you have not started yet, now is a good time to do your homework.

Have you already started and are in the middle of a home renovation with your initial budget already spent and in need of obtaining a quick influx of cash […]

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Do You Have The Right Mortgage Broker in Kelowna?

Mortgage brokers are people who bring lenders and borrowers together in order to set up the process of a loan. In addition, a broker may also make arrangements with a lender so that the best possible deal can be made for the borrower.

It is important to note that once a borrower makes contact with a mortgage broker in Kelowna and agrees to work with him or her, the broker will begin to seek important information from the borrower such as his or her assets, income and where they are employed. In addition, a credit report will also be needed so that the borrower’s ability for financing is reviewed. Once the mortgage brokers has amassed all of the important details that […]

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