Vancouver Mortgage Brokers vs Banks

Often there is misleading information  about the difference between mortgage brokers and the banks.

Description                                Mortgage Brokers                     Banks

Flexible hours                                          yes                                      no

Dozens of suitable products                  yes                                      no

Strict licensing                                          yes                                      no

Best rate every time                                 yes                                     no


Mortgage Brokers in Vancouver

Besides interest rates there are a number of things to consider when shopping for a mortgage. As mortgage professionals we take pride in making sure you get the right mortgage that fits your current circumstances and your future goals.


Not all mortgage brokers are the same. Alternative Mortgage Financing is  led by Grant Powell’s eleven years of experience, on going training and the educational background to advise mortgage clients on which of the top mortgage lenders in the country deserve your business. Grant believes that education is a crucial  part of every mortgage decision so he has written over thirty mortgage education articles that have been published in newsstands magazines and he has been a featured speaker in a number of educational mortgage segments on the Real Estate channel.