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Alternative Mortgage Financing is a leading mortgage brokerage in Vancouver BC. It was started by seasoned mortgage professional Grant Powell. We offer Professional Mortgage Refinancing Services and specialize in Reverse Mortgages, Renovation Projects, and provide a common-sense & fast funding Alternative Mortgage Financing service.

Reverse Mortgage Information

Reverse Mortgages are the fastest-growing mortgage segment in Canada because people are outliving their savings. The reverse mortgage information in my book, “Reverse Mortgage Guide” could enable you to stay in your current home or even purchase an additional property. Will a reverse mortgage product will give you the comfort and stability you require?  We can help you find out now. We are one of the few independent mortgage brokerages across the country who are licensed to advise and arrange the numerous reverse mortgage financing options available.

More strict mortgage regulations are coming into effect on an ongoing basis. It is increasingly difficult to predict future income/ return on investments. These realities mean the information I provide about reverse mortgage products will give you the power you need to maintain control of homeownership well into your retirement.

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Principles of Alternative Mortgage Financing

Are you self employed? A real estate investor? New to the country and lack a Candian credit rating? Your financial wellbeing can be affected by life’s ebbs and flows, including career moves, employment & retirement situations. Grant Powell’s first book, “Leverage Your Best Option” has had over 3,000 downloads by consumers and is used as a training tool for mortgage brokers across Canada. He introduces alternative mortgage financing principles that allow individuals of all credit, employment and immigration profiles to get approved for financing their dream home or investment property. Learn about many Alternative Mortgage Financing options available, whether for equity take-outs, purchasing, refinancing, or debt consolidation for your primary residence, investment property or vacation home.

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Alternative Mortgages

Over the years, we have built solid relationships with many non-traditional (Private) lenders. This means we can offer the best alternative mortgage financing options for every situation & location of property throughout BC. When the banks say no, we say yes! The alternative type of mortgage financing in BC is provided by client-friendly private lenders who are not fixated on lending rules. The top three situations for using this type of financing are: Over Budget Renovations, Debt Consolidation, or Building a Business. Learn more >

Mortgage Refinancing

Do you already own a property and wish to access equity for a renovation, pay out high interest debt or access funds to capitalize on an investment? We have years of experience in this area. Our experience can get you approved based on your specific needs, by the right mortgage lender for your situation. We work with you from the start of the loan request process all the way through to reaching your unique goals. Learn more >

“When our purchase hit complications and took months longer to complete, Grant went above and beyond to make sure we felt informed. He was easy to get in touch with and made sure we always had the best rate available. We were very happy with his service and would recommend him to anyone.”

Colin and Carla, Port Coquitlam BC

“In 2014 we planned to lift and repair the foundation of our 1930’s house, I was pregnant with my third child, and we turned to our broker and banks for funding. Very quickly we found out that the banks and broker would not lend to such an extensive renovation, especially with our limited equity. We already had a small line of credit, but not enough to complete the build. I called almost every lender I could find, but it was Grant Powell who knew what needed to be done and how to make it work.”

S onja I

“What a great read for anyone interested in understanding the mortgage process and financial products. Articulate, informative and a terrific guide for consumer awareness”…..well done Grant!

Colin Dreyer – President & CEO Verico Financial Group Inc.

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