Laneway Home Mortgage Financing in Vancouver, BC

Laneway Home Financing

a.k.a Carriage or Coach Homes

Being one of the top Vancouver mortgage brokers, we have perfect financing packages available to add these homes when you are either purchasing a property or looking to add one to your existing home.

These homes have taken great strides since their inception into the Vancouver real estate market in 2009. With some growing pains they are being accepted in many municipalities across British Columbia and Canada. All of which we can finance, as a popular mortgage broker British Columbia! There are also a growing number of quality manufactures getting into the marketplace that offer, client participation in design, building templates, a proven track record, guaranteed quick completion dates, the full home builder warranties, a wide range of finishings and price range.

Due to the limited square footage of these homes, usually 500 to 1200 square feet, there are only a few discount mortgage lenders that have the flexibility to lend on these projects. The good news is as leading Vancouver mortgage brokers, we have several mortgage lenders that are happy to lend money on all type of laneway homes across British Columbia.

Laneway homes are quickly becoming a trend for many lifestyles. From talking to clients in Vancouver being that the traffic congestion is getting worse, many are deciding to live in smaller homes in the city rather than long commutes to the suburbs. Laneway homes are also great space for the in laws to either live is as a part time or full time home. It’s great to have a built in baby sitter just a garden path away!

If you are looking for extra income look no further there are many builders who have layouts and price points to make sure you are in the black every month with your mortgage payments and property taxes.

If the reason to build a Laneway is simply add to your own space they are perfect to set up as an office, recreation room, or guest suite. We suggest as a mortgage broker in British Columbia does your home work and make sure your local bylaws allow you to take advantage of the available space and height in your back yard or the home you are looking to purchase and add one of these attractive mini homes.

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